even though i cannot stand their first single: don cha. there's something about the pussycat doll's next single - stickwitu (i also dislike the title, but oh well, the lyrics are what gets me)-  that goes with the drama I had to deal with this weekend... Nobody's going to love me betterI'm going to stick … Continue reading dedication

Snow Day

I definitely had two dreams before I actually woke up to my phone ringing alterting me to the school closing.  In my first dream, I imagined that I was having quite a long conversation with my phone chain person at 5:30am - much too long for that time of morning... In my second I imagined … Continue reading Snow Day


Last night it happened. My first pair of socks. Pattern: House Socks from Holiday KnitsYarn: Classic Elite Lush in Blueberry and NaturalNeedles: Size 5 circulars They were definitely easier than I thought.  I made stockings last Christmas for my family and it was a lot of the same techinques but just on a much smaller … Continue reading Boo-ya-ca-sha!


I saw ths around and thought I'd give it a whirl 10 Random Things about Me… I used to be the captain of my HS Basketball team (Pos: Point Guard) I have ADD once I start watching a movie that I like. I used to have really short hair when I was younger - up … Continue reading Meme