Target… of all places!

So a miracle happened today…  as I was walking hands full of Christmas goodies and wine glasses I bumped right smack into a childhood memory.


Pirouettes!!!!! Couldn’t you JUST die??

I almost dropped everything in my hands at my disbelief. Of course they’re "Limited Edition" and they’re also called "Petite" Pirouettes but they’re the same good ol’ cookie that I used to eat EVERYDAY as a child.  No joke.  That and a cheese sandwich.  It’s shocking that I was as skinny as I was. I was so excited that I had to hold myself back from buying the whole display.I did purchase Four boxes though, boy am I nuts.


I had a pang of nostalgia opening the box.  I seriously ate a box a week (if not more).  I wouldn’t even waste the crumbs at the bottom of the box.  I would delicately smoosh them over to the corner and tipped the box up so that all the leftover broken pirouettes could fall easily into my mouth.

I was crushed when they were taken off the shelves… apparently they’re just so delicate that they kept breaking in their shipments (or so the evil PF people have to say).  It’s just not the same when you get like 5 of them in the Entertaining Collection and I certainly can’t stand the new ones with the filling in the middle. Oh Pepperidge Farm why won’t you just make them All Year Round? 

For now I’ll just have to carefully and methodically eat the cookies I have.  I will be back to Target though, oh yes, I will be back.


So I haven’t really been writing much in the blog these days.  Perhaps because I just felt there wasn’t much to say and also because I don’t like posting without pictures and I’ve been to lazy to upload things.  BUT I have been knitting. 



A comfy winter hat!  I used the basic cable pattern from SnB and Koigu yarn.  I had to modify the pattern a bit since the weight of the yarn I was using was slightly smaller.  I sort of messed it up a bit since the cable pattern is in a multiple of 12 and I casted on 4 short of that – so I have some nice ribs at the end of each round.  I think it adds a certain charm.  Also I look pretty heinous in this picture… ahh apartment lighting.  But I wanted to show off the hat 🙂

I just casted on for some Christmas socks using the 2 circular needles method.  I’m using a 16" and a 32" length and I keep getting the yarn alll tangled up in the 32".  But I’m getting the hang of it and I think after I finish this sock I will cast on for my Jaywalker!!

"Jaywalker you got the best of me, I just keep on comin’ back incessantly, oooh why do you have to put your game on me…" Think Mariah’s "Heartbreaker". I love the ones that Cara makes and I keep on talking about making one, so it’s time to put my money where my knits are.

Other than that life is pretty tame in ‘boken.   I’m just gonna go now and ruin my dinner with some cookies!


Frog You

So it finally has happened, a moment of "sh#t i have to rip it ALL out".  I was knitting myself a shawl/poncho. It was a super simple pattern actually but I guess I didn’t figure it out as well as I should have since one side of the poncho is waaaay longer than the other.  I was so excited yesterday having it out to block and carefully seaming it today in hopes to wear it later, but as I pulled the poncho over my head and looked into the mirror my mind just said, "uh oh." I’m so pissed because I have to rip the whole friggin thing out.  It’s not like I can do a few rows and then be done, the WHOLE thing needs to be taken out.  I’m so bummed.  But this is the knitting life and these things happen.  It just blows to think about because you spend SO Much Time doing each stitch.  Sigh…  I was thinking of seaming back the one side, but figured that wouldn’t look good.  I know I will be so much happier when I frog and fix it, but right now I’m just BUMMED.  It’s beautiful Manos yarn – arugh!  Funny thing though, I used the spit join method which means the yarn is just one big continuous strand.  This makes me truly want to invest in a nice yarn winder.  There’s no way I’m pulling that all out manually.


Muchas Gracias

Happy Thanksgiving!

10 things I am thankful for.

1. it’s been 3 years since my mother has been breast cancer free.
2. my brother is home from london safe and sound.
3. my dad is playing merenge music at 10 o’clock in the morning (he tried to last night around 11 when he was half asleep so I told him to wait until tomorrow)
4. my grandmother’s husband who takes care of her with more love than is imaginable
5. my girlfriends are all with their families today (one of which is in the DR! but i love her just the same)
6. the people at my school who were so open to hearing about my trip to honduras yesterday and were eager to set up a scholarship for one of the orphans in COMPROME.
7. my boyfriend who cooked me an amazing meal last night which was made with so much love.
8. my mother is just as excited about me knitting things as i am
9. for all the good food i know i will eat today
10. for all of you who come by to read my ramblings, i really appreicate it!



Is it a bad thing when all I can do is think about what I’m knitting? or that I want to buy more and more yarn?  I thought this Honeymoon stage was supposed to end like weeks ago.

But all the holiday knitting I’m doing is only getting me more excited rather than run down.  I’m so That Girl who people ask, "where the hell do you get all your energy from?"  The yarn, people, the yarn.

I am almost done with part 1 of my 5 part Christmas knitting escapade. I casted on Friday and will be finishing Gift #1 today.  Gift #2 was casted on yesterday and with the days off at the end of the week will be finished in no time.  I’m waiting for yarn to arrive for Gifts #4 and 5. I’m hoping that it comes today!  Sorry for all the generalities but I fear that the receivers are going to be reading this! Which means that pictures of said gifts will be for a later post!

I also had a fabulous weekend outside of my crazy knitting.  Friday night I went to see one of my students perform in a production of AIDA.  I’ve never seen the show before so I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew of AIDA was that when it was running on broadway every semi-famous pop singer was in it (like Toni Braxton and Michelle Willams from Destney’s Child). 

Saturday night I went to my favorite nuevo Latino resturant, Cabana, with my best friend, her mom, and my wonderful parents.  A few glasses into the sangria and I was ready to PARTY!  Too bad it was only 7pm.  I hate getting tipsy too early because at around 9:30-10ish when people were  ready to go out I was already at hangover stage with an awful headache.  I was a trooper though (well I succumed to peer pressure, yes even at 25) and followed my friends to a place called The Hanger on Ave. B.  (Back to knitting, being on Ave. B made me think of walking over to Ave. A to go to Downtown Yarns, but being that it was 12:30 at night I didn’t think they were going to be open). 

On to more exciting knits: Jaywalker! I’ve signed up for Cara’s Jaywalker knit-a-long and I’m itchy and impatient to cast on.  I’m thinking I need to knit it at the bigger gauge because I meastured my feet and they’re a wopping 9.5 inches in circumference – in college they were known as my Hobbit feet.  I have some Kogiu that I bought on Friday that will be used for this project.  I want to try the two circulars for this too, but that might be going a bit to far considering I’m a super Novice at socks. 

And to make all my knitting go over the edge is now I’m itching to do a shawl for my mom.  I was reading Grumperina’s site and she’s making her mom this nice classic shawl and i’m thinking – Gosh my mom would like something like that too!

When I look at the future of my life all I see is myself knitting… knitting knitting.  Thank god my boyfriend doesn’t mind.



I had a moment of clarity yesterday.  I’ve been going through each day so quickly lately… always thinking ahead to the next moment without stoping to concentrate on the now.  That is perhaps why I had such a terrible time finding that film the other day because I keep rushing.  Rushing to the next day or to the next thing or the next moment.  I couldn’t let my mind rest on that particular place and time.  I get so worked up about things, whether it be something at work or perhaps a new thing to knit or a project to start.  And all these thoughts that have been roaming through my head have all been about ME.  The big X.  What am I going to buy Myself this weekend or what yarn do I want to get for Me?  Now, I know that when I make something it takes so much time and energy that the person recieving it BETTER LOVE IT or else.   So most if not all the things I knit are for me… but recent events have made me think twice about this…

There is a student here at my school that recently lost everything due to a fire in her house.  Everything! And while I’m all La-di-da-daaing to new LYS’s this girl is desperately trying to piece her life back together.  We’re raising money for her and I did participate in that but I swear if there wasn’t someone reminding me I wouldn’t have!

Plus there’s Honduras.  10 days I spent living amongst some of the poorest people in the world.  People who live on less than $1 (equivlant to 18 Limperas) a day.  I’ve had to relive those moments recently since I’m putting together a presenation for the faculty at my school about my trip.  I began to remember the children I met, the wonderful women and men who work at the school we visited, the homes we went to.  I visited a sweatshop in which women were working tirelessly to produce their daily quota of an insane amount of men’s underwear.  They worked on their machings sewing and cutting and ripping. The fuzz of the cotton they worked with found it’s way into their hair and on their clothing.   

Then there were the orphans.  Beautiful children living in a community together.  Laughing, crying, strugling and surviving together.  They long to go to school.  To better themselves and their community.


While we were there they gave us these cute little butterflies.  Mine was given to me by the little boy third in from the left with a grey t-shirt and black jeans.  I could have taken him home if they let me! 

On the last day I was there we were posed this question, "now that you’ve seen all that you have, What are you going to do?"  What am I going to do? 

I am not the type of person to pack my bags and move to Honduras, but I am the type to question my actions and wonder how I can make an important affect on those people’s lives.  I work at a wonderful school who’s mission is to educate girls about these global situations – to make them realize that we aren’t as separated as we’d like to think.  That we have been given this gift of our lifestyle that allows us the opportunity to give.  As my friend would say, "to whom much is given much is required." What am I going to do?  (I feel like I’m sitting in a lecture given by one of the Jesuits at BC or actually with my favorite Prof. John McDargh)

So with that in mind I’ve decided to particpate in Margene’s and Carole’s Knit Unto Others.  It’s a start and I’m so excited because I’ve already gotten started and I have a hat already made!  I’ve chosen to give to the Dulaan project which gives hats, scarves and gloves to children in Mongolia.  It’s the least I can do.

But I know in the end I have a great heart.  That I would do anything for my friends and family.  So that in just being who I am allows the people around me to do just the same.

I just love Thanksgiving.


If my head

weren’t attached I swear I would loose it.

One of the things that I truly HATE about myself is that I tend to lose things.  In college I lost my stupid ID card about 10 times… each time I would swear and curse and tear things apart searching for it.  I would get so pissed off at myself that I seriously would wish I was someone else.  I mean how can I be so stupid!?  This has not changed because I’ve forgotten things or misplaced things (IMPORTANT things) since then.  Rings, skirts, MIND you name it I’ve lost it, and now the closest chapter to this drama.

I went to Honduras this summer for 10 days and while there I took about 10 rolls of film.  7 or so were black and white and the rest were color.  Well when I got home I just never got around to getting them developed.  Part of it was because I didn’t want to send it to some Joe Shmo developer, I wanted to send it to a good one – but going to a good one took some effort and I was Numero Uno lazyass this summer so I never got it done.  So the nice ziplock bag filled with my film began to collect dust sitting there on my side table.  One day I decided to move it, I had friends coming over and I didn’t want them to see that I hadn’t gotten my Honduras pictures developed… I mean it was the most moving time of my life HOW oh HOW did I not want to develop the pictures to show everyone I loved???  SO I put them someplace safe and sound… so safe in fact that today when I finally (FINALLY) was going to go get them developed I could not find them.  NO WHERE!!  I even looked in my roomates bedroom for the sake of looking – not like she took them, but if I didn’t look I might still be wondering.  Now, my apartment isn’t all that big so there’s not that many hiding spots… they’re gone. GONE out of thin air.  A ziplock bag of film.

I’m heartbroken! What the F is wrong with me???  How do they just dissapear like that?  Honestly!  I can’t understand, my mind can’t fathom where these rolls of film could be.  Could someone have mistaken it as their own??? My roomate?  That possiblity seems rediculous since all she uses is a digital camera PLUS she would have seen said film on the side table collecting dust knowing it was my Honduras pics waiting to be taken out. 

So many carefully composed shots, I’m so bummed right now.  I am not giving up ALL hope, but most of it’s pretty tinkered out.  Self-loathing kicks in about now.  How could I be so stupid?? i mean COME ON!


To make me feel even worse here is a picture of some of the beautiful children I had a chance to meet.  One of my trip partners took this and gave me her CD of pictures. 


These children are at a project called Vaso de Leche.  These are chlidren of families who cannot feed them properly everyday.  It is a mal-nutrition site.  They eat warm milk and corn flakes every morning at a woman’s home.  Something so simple as a bowl of cereal is what’s keeping these children from getting sick.

I am putting together a Honduras presentation for my school with the two women I went with.  They both have been on top of things getting their pictures developed and creating their slides, where I AM THE Jerk who’se lost their pictures.  OH please oh please let them come out from somewhere.


My First Mitten!

And then there were Two

Mitten # 2 is well on it’s way. I just realized I knitted it at a bigger gauge, but I think they’re comfy just the same.  I will be able to use them this weekend and once they’re done I can move on to other knits 🙂  Is it a problem that when I’m at work I can’t stop thinking about what I want to knit or the knitting needles that sit under my desk calling me?  I keep thinking that this "faze" will pass… I always become obsessed with things and then they pass.  But this sure ain’t passin’!

I’ve been eyeing this sweater jacket from Rowan recently:


I’ve never tried anything like it before but I just can’t stop looking at it!   I’m hopefully to get the pattern book this weekend to better dissect it.  I was also eyeing the jacket that Amelia created! Go check it out it’s fabulous!  But FIRST Is the Christmas knitting!! I’ve been really wanting to create socks for my friends, definitely for my boyfriend – he wants nice thick ones.  I’m thinking definitely cable and ribs…  Why do I feel that come January I’m going to be writing about how I made all these promises to knit thing that I didn’t!

OH and also in Blogland was this knitted shirt that I’ve seen all around the place, but this one was made with Cotton Fleece which I have a ton left over from Andrew’s sweater, SO I’m thinking maybe I could make one for myself too!

So let’s see, that’s socks, a jacket, a t-shirt, oh and also i wanted to knit a cosmetic bag for my girlfriends… oh perhaps a hat here or there too.  What am I fucking crazy? 

I also used to read books to relax and I haven’t cracked one open in months… I’ve got the Kite Runner on my night stand right now.

Oh last thought: Thank God for Advil.


Cold Hands Warm Heart

My very first Mitten!!!


Isn’t it Lovely?? I finished it this weekend while I was up in Boston.  All my girlfriends graceously delt with me knitting away and calling it my "MiTTin"(hard T sound) all day.

It’s partner is already on the needles and I hope to have a full pair a rockin’ by Wednesday!!  I couldn’t believe how easy and fast they were to make – especially the thumb!  I was a huge skeptic about how that piece was going to work out.  No matter how many times I read the pattern directions I still didn’t believe.  But as the stitches were unfolding on my needles I started to see how they would work out.  Now that I got these down there’s not telling how many mittens I might pump out this winter.

I’m consdiering joining a knit-a-long, but I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. Baby steps!  I am still trying to cope with my sock jones.  I bought 6 skeins of Koigu on Tuesday… they’re just staring at me!  PLUS I have to finish my Manos wrap 🙂  SO much knitting so little time!

Boston was gorgeous this weekend.  We’re certainly being spoiled with all this mild weather. It was a perfect ending to a great football season up in BC.  They beat NC State with 30 unanswered points.  Now I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’m this HUGE die hard BC fan.  It is my alma mater but I’m not about to paint my face Maroon and Gold.  SO when I tell you that my girlfriends and I were ready to leave 5 minutes into the 1st quarter after NC State scored 10 points on our boys don’t be critcizing!  It wasn’t until QB Matt Ryan started to make us believers with a few ESPN type throws that we decided to stick it out the rest of the quarter.  We did leave before the end of the game though, we are no fools when it comes to after football game partying.

There was a lot of college reminicing going on this weekend, too.  We whipped out all the photo albums and carefully went over each picture saying, "oh remember that" or "God, look how YOUNG we look."  I do miss those years but I wouldn’t go back.

Anyway, I know I’ve been off the blog meter for a while, which makes me think that I’ve lost some readership – granted I think there was like 5 people reading to begin with! BUT, I hope you’ll stick it out with me 🙂

Oh and ONE MORE THING, two blogs that I constantly read had this little birthday thing on them, so I thought hey why not.  To my shock and surpise this is what it says – these people must be working for Dionne Warwick.

Your Birthdate: October 10
Independent and dominant, you tend to be the alpha dog in most situations.
You’re very confident, and hardly anything ever shakes you.
Mundane tasks tend to drain you – you prefer to be making great plans.
You are quite original. When people don’t "get" you, it bothers you a lot.

Your strength: Your ability to gain respect

Your weakness: Caring too much what others think

Your power color: Orange-red

Your power symbol: Letter X

Your power month: October

Happy Monday!


Detox is Good

There’s something so sweet about spending your weekend doing nothing.  Sweet sweet nothing.  Jim and I managed to do just that this weekend and it was fabulous. 

Friday night I had an extended stay at schoo, not to mention one of the more rediculous days – I was contstantly stating to numerous people that, "If this was Monday I would not come in on Tuesday because I would be convinced that I was a danger to myself and others."  I just couldn’t get Anything Right!  I had a letter to send out to 600 students and each time I sent it to print there was something wrong with it – so I ended up killing a whole lot of trees. 

So that afternoon I stayed at school stuffing envelopes as well as hoping that my night would go better than my Day.  The turning point was the school’s Talent Show.  I thrououghly impressed by all the girls who performed not to mention I was waiting in high anticipation for my Talent Show premire.  I was apart of the faculty skit which was a recorded video of us singing "It’s a Hard Knock Life".  I bet Jay Z would have been proud.  The girls thought it rip roaring hilarious since you could barely hear us singing over the loud laughing and shouting.  I made my exit very Elvis style right after it showed in order to get back to my apartment at a normal time.  I tried to escape the shouts of my name along with all the other faculty members… oh to be famous to 14 to 17 year olds.

Getting home that night I could do no more than lay on the couch while my boyfriend tried to rub my shoulders.  I think I finally passed out at a whopping 10:30.  There was nothing that could have made me gone out.  No drugs, alcohol, even money.  I wanted my pillow.  My precious pillow.

Yesterday was more of the same glorious laziness.  With some breakfast in my tummy I went right back on sleeping and then emerged to go for a short walk around Hoboken, making a pit stop at Patricia’s Yarns for some sock yarn.  She didn’t really have what I wanted but I did get some nice green yarn for a pair of mittens I want to make too.  I’m setting some new knit project goals for myself.  I need to try something new with every project I begin. (Or I’m going to try!)  So I have mittens, socks!, lace and cables on my list before Christmas.  I’m a bit too ambitious.  Not to mention I do want to get some good reading in – i’m starting The Kite Runner this week!

So happy happy Sunday! I’m going to go for a run (the least I could do considering today is the NYC Marathon) and then more knitting, perhaps even heading to Needle Craftique in Upper Montclair with my mom.  Then off to the boys house for dinner 🙂