Frog You

So it finally has happened, a moment of "sh#t i have to rip it ALL out".  I was knitting myself a shawl/poncho. It was a super simple pattern actually but I guess I didn't figure it out as well as I should have since one side of the poncho is waaaay longer than the other.  … Continue reading Frog You


Is it a bad thing when all I can do is think about what I'm knitting? or that I want to buy more and more yarn?  I thought this Honeymoon stage was supposed to end like weeks ago. But all the holiday knitting I'm doing is only getting me more excited rather than run down.  … Continue reading Focus!


I had a moment of clarity yesterday.  I've been going through each day so quickly lately... always thinking ahead to the next moment without stoping to concentrate on the now.  That is perhaps why I had such a terrible time finding that film the other day because I keep rushing.  Rushing to the next day … Continue reading TGIF

I found them!

YEA! A split second after that post was well... posted. I found my film!!!! I'm just as blind as I am forgetful!! WHEW! OK, now I can go back to knitting without feeling guilty that I wasn't searching for me long lost film. Thank you, God!

If my head

weren't attached I swear I would loose it. One of the things that I truly HATE about myself is that I tend to lose things.  In college I lost my stupid ID card about 10 times... each time I would swear and curse and tear things apart searching for it.  I would get so pissed … Continue reading If my head

Detox is Good

There's something so sweet about spending your weekend doing nothing.  Sweet sweet nothing.  Jim and I managed to do just that this weekend and it was fabulous.  Friday night I had an extended stay at schoo, not to mention one of the more rediculous days - I was contstantly stating to numerous people that, "If … Continue reading Detox is Good