Ahoy me maytees! This is Captin' Maaarrrgaux.   Sorry sorry! I just couldn't help myself.  It's Halloween!   How can you not beat this holiday!  I saw some pretty interesting costumes this halloween, one was dispicable while others were just laughable. If you haven't noticed already I was a Pirate.  I just got the basics since it … Continue reading ARRRRH!

Sigh of Relief

Has this week been sickening long for anyone else?  I can't even remember what I did on Monday and I certainly thought Tuesday or Wednesday should have been Friday.  Which made surviving through Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday maddening!  I tried keeping my nights busy and exciting and for the most part accomplished that goal. … Continue reading Sigh of Relief


I'm waiting for the sky to open up.  There's a 3% chance that the rain we get tonight will cause a Day-Off tomorrow.  Mostly I'm praying for a power outtage, but I'll take some flash floods.  The one of the many things I love about working at a school, especially as an administrator, is that … Continue reading Progress

So Much

There's so much to say but honsestly not enough time to do it! I popped over to what's turning out to be one of my favorite LYS, Handknits in Englewood.  I went in there to get yarn for the felted bullentin board I wanted to make from the Alterknits book and I ended up leaving … Continue reading So Much


Mi Familia. This is my blood.This is my history. This is my Popi.He is my father's father. A patriarch: 10 children of which my father was the youngest.Ramon Pena from Humaco, Puerto Rico.He was a writer of songs.He was a master at the French Horn. Sadly I did not know him long but I know … Continue reading Familia


It just won't stop raining. It's been pouring since Saturday and everything is WET. We have two garbage cans outside of our front door that keep tipping over and spilling their bounty under our front door.  I have a feeling soon we'll have some swamp friends to come and visit! I mean look at the … Continue reading Waterblogged