Finally! Finally! After approximately 3 weeks, I have finally gotten my car out of the shop!  I cannot tell you what a wonderful moment this is for me.  I might tear up.  I seriously thought at one point that I just wasn't going to get it back that I'd have to drive that darn loner … Continue reading Finally!

Quiet Weekend

I just took a Quiz called What John Hughes Character are you and this is what I am: You are Clark Griswold (from National Lampoon'sVacation)! You're full of optimism andboundless energy, and no one loves a goodfamily trip more. No one else can swear a bluestreak like you either, Sparky! Which John Hughes Character Are … Continue reading Quiet Weekend


I totally had a great idea on what to write about today - but like many things that I procrastinate in doing - I completely forgot what my original idea was. So now I'm stuck here writing about nothing. At the moment, I am watching the Yankees try to win one against the Tampa Bay … Continue reading Blank