After approximately 3 weeks, I have finally gotten my car out of the shop!  I cannot tell you what a wonderful moment this is for me.  I might tear up.  I seriously thought at one point that I just wasn’t going to get it back that I’d have to drive that darn loner forEVER.  But thankfully that is not the case. 

So happily I can look out my apartment window and see my nice shiny silver Jetta parked across the street like it should be!

I am making some leeway with my mom’s cardigan sweater. I truly like the way it’s coming out and I think after this project I am going to be a Super Pro at the Stockinette Stitch. But I have a feeling it’s going to take me Forever to finish it… I’m hoping it will be ready for Christmas, but I’m knitting it on Size 5 needles… and well I must be dedicated.  I haven’t done anything daring with my knitting just yet and my next project I’m hoping to do some lace or a funky pattern… we’ll see. 

I’m also piecing together my brother’s sweater which I have this distinct fear that he’s going to some how get a huge pull in it the first time he wears it and then all of my work will be for nothing!!  If you’re reading this: just be delicate, Andrew.

I still get the funniest looks and reactions from people when I tell them I knit! They think it’s so "grandma" and well that’s just fine with me because my Grandmother is the greatest woman alive.  Plus, my mother used to make her own clothes when she was younger and I guess this is my version of doing just that.

It’s just one of my many hobbies.  There used to be a time when I was obssessed with making beaded jewelry and I did make one kick-ass necklace during my finals week in college. I still wear it. 

I promise to post more pictures once my digital gets back together… This site needs some spice.

Anyway, drop me a line! I probably super boring and I apologize for that…


Something’s Missing

This whole blogging thing is still quite new to me. I feel like when you tell people you have a Blog they mostly go, “oh… uh huh. ok.” Even I think it’s kinda funny – but I’m liking it more and more. Which lead me to do some research. I was poking around at other blogs to get a few ideas and I have just come to realize what a huge sub-culture this whole thing really is. I mean there are whole communities of people with blogs and they know one another, send them things, probably consider naming their children after them. It’s pretty intense!

With that said, I’m kinda intimidated about putting this blog more “out there.” Frankly, I think there are one or two people that actually read it – and if you do leave me a comment, it’s nice to know you’re out there!! Even if it is, “you stink”. Just to know that someone cares…

So I didn’t take many pictures – wait scratch that – I didn’t take ANY pictures this weekend and I feel slightly guilty about that since Saturday was the most Gorgeous Day Ever! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have any one to spend it with. I did not let that get me down though and I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and sat at a outdoor resturant feeling good being on my own. The weather was cool in the shade but warm in the sun. The sky was so clear and fantastically blue. It was perfect. Now I’ve been living in this wonderful mini-city for a little over 5 months and finally went to the outdoor waterfront park. So beautiful! I am ashamed I haven’t been there before!

During my walk I went by Patricia’s Yarns. She is fantastic. I get all embarrased when I go to these small LYS because mostly I just want to poke around and look at all the yarns with no aim in sight. But Saturday I had a question about Gauge. I’m beginning to knit my mom a cardigan and the gauge was way off. I was using the proper yarn and everything but my stiches were just too big. I’m knitting her the Blanket Cardigan from Sarah Dallas’ Knitting. Yet another book that got “bad reviews”. But since I still consider myself a beginner knitter – I loved it. The simplicity in design is what attracted me to it. I don’t like the fluff. Give me something classic and sophistcated to knit. Anyway, Patricia hooked me up with smaller needles and so far so good the back is coming out nicely.

I don’t have much time to knit this week – I have back to back High School Information Nights to do – talk about tired mornings! But that is what September is, the big Sell.

Tonight is Prisonbreak. Yum.


Quiet Weekend

I just took a Quiz called What John Hughes Character are you and this is what I am:

You are Clark Griswold!
You are Clark Griswold (from National Lampoon’s
Vacation)! You’re full of optimism and
boundless energy, and no one loves a good
family trip more. No one else can swear a blue
streak like you either, Sparky!

Which John Hughes Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Tonight I am going to see Elton John with my two wonderful parents. I can only imagine that we will all be singing along at the top of our lungs to Tiny Dancer. My mother is meeting me at my apartment and together we’re going to travel via the Path to Madision Square Garden. I can’t remember the last time I rode public transportation with my mom. I may need to make a mental note of this trip.

Besides the concert, my weekend is actually event free. Now normally I would be very excited about this, and quite frankly part of me is, BUT it would be kinda nice if Someone was around – just incase. But alas with boyfriends (Yea!) and trips I am here to have quality Margaux time. Which brings me to my hobbies… knitting, sleeping and maybe JUST maybe I will take out my camera and actually shoot a few frames this weekend – wouldn’t that be nice??

I am Almost Done with my brother’s sweater, I’m in the process of sewing it together… the body looks great – it’s the sleeves I’m slightly worried about. I went onto Amazon.com to read reviews about the knitting book I was working from and about 4 out of 5 of them were VERY negitive! Saying that the patterns don’t match the end result and that the author is simply full of herself, etc. Now I am No Where Near even being considered to be an experienced knitter – i just like to wing it most of the time which I know is VERY BAD. But I’m excellent at following directions – which is another reason why I believe I make excellent brownies – (batter, eggs, oil, water, mix – DONE), so I figure this pattern will be cake (no pun intended)… only it’s the first time I’ve ever knitted a sweater and well let’s just say I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

So by the end of my non-eventful weekend I should have One finished sweater… I already have yarn for a new sweater project, Plus I’d like to get more yarn for a laptop case I had casted on for way on way back when.

What’s on my knitting wish list:
1. Poncho
2. Blanket
3. Cardigan
4. Socks

I will concur each one at a time and probably within the next 5 years…

I had to go on two school visits for my job today. The first one went pretty well. I had to talk to 50 13-14 year old’s about the school I work at.

It’s in these moments that I realize how well my job really does fit me. I pretty much hammed up the presentation and got them laughing a bit but also brought in the serious Sell. I love how I study the hard facts like SAT averages and Teacher/Student Ratios but all they want to know is when the freakin’ school starts and end, like that 45 minutes they get in the afternoon will really make or break the deal. The students I truly don’t mind as much doing this job it’s the parents that intimidate the crap out of me. Everytime I reach out my to shake hands with a parent the first thought that jumps into my head is, “they probably think I’m too young for this job.” And most of them come out with a, “Oh you sound much older on the phone” or ” you look just like one of the students!”, in which I reply, “Oh actually I’m about 45 years old but you would never know because I’m a faithful follower of Botox” which always gets them rolling on the floor. But honestly, I does bother me. I certainly don’t want to rush things… I like my youthful state but I can’t wait until the day when I finally feel that I am “old enough”.

I wish I had Tivo.

If you asked anyone of my friends they would probably tell you that I watch way too much TV. PLUS, on top of that when I am watching something I’m truly interested in I will zone Everything Out – it’s like I have TV ADD. But when you have such quality shows on this fall it’s kinda hard to turn it off.

First on Pena’s Fall Must Watch List: LOST
I end up either punching my couch or my boyfriend’s arm at the end of each episode when that “Waaaah” sound comes on because it’s most likely that they’ve left you with yet another 1,000,000 questions that need to be answered. All the characters are so dynamic and the way they write the plot reminds me of books and movies like Memento and The Time Traveler’s Wife. You keep piecing things together but it’s always a “never is what it seems” kind of thing.

I am a super fan of Jack. What a huge come back from Matthew Fox… I mean Party of 5, what?

Prisonbreak: Hi, my name is I-want-Wentworth-Miller. Is it normal to truly have a teenager-like crush on a celeb like I do nearing my 25th birthday? Besides the Eye Candy this is another one of my new season fav shows… but the big question is, “So, um, when they break out uhhh will the show end?”

Grey’s Anatomy: Talk about a last minute bombshell, “so you’re the doctor sleeping with my husband.” uh oh. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out…

HOUSE: although the scenes when they go through the body are kinda grotesque, I do enjoy how Dr. House is just smarter than any human, period.

With a few cameos by some old favorite shows like Smallville and Family Guy I feel like this will be a wonderful Couch Potato season.

Someone save my life tonight!



4th Quater Woes and Pirate Talk

I’m here! I’m here!

I promise I won’t neglect you as long as I have in these past few weeks. (all ONE of you). Anyway, I guess I didn’t anticipate how busy those first few weeks of school were going to be. Then again, what else can you expect when you go from vacation to work cold turkey. I should create an “ease back into work” patch. It’s hard enough going back to work on a Monday after a crazy weekend then a full two months debauchery to another 10 months of work. Is there anyone out there that can relate?

I also confess that I suffer from writers block at times. So this is my first attempt to get out of that one.

I was up in Boston the home of my alma mater, Boston College, this weekend. I went to see the good ol’ Eagles play their first game in the ACC conference. This game was supposed to be the start of something Huge. Everything that surrounded the game certainly was. The season ticket alone was 3xs the size of a normal ticket and it featured the top players on the team and the coach superimposed in front of the skyline of Boston. The campus before hand was crowded with more people that I have ever seen. College Gameday was taping live in the Dustbowl. Fans pouring in from all over the country to make this historical game. It was as if Jesus himself was on the team. But it would have taken more than the big JC to pull this badboy off.

The Tailgate:

The Busch Light was free flowing on that Chestnut Hill campus late Saturday afternoon – I would have drank more of it if it wasn’t for those 3 mimosas I had at 11:30am as well as the keg I was nursing from 12 to 4. I do practice moderation you know. Trying to find people you knew on Shea Field was harder than

The Game:
When I entered the game about 6 minutes into the first quarter we were already down 14-0 to Florida State. You cannot mention that football team without hearing either a “Ohhh or Ahhh”. My boys came back with a quick interception and a good offensive drive to make it 17-14 – which frankly suprised the buzz out of me. We were winning!! Holy Shit. Now, perhaps this is from my high school basketball experience of always losing to that One-Team-I-Hate-So-Much-That-Always-Won-No-Matter-What (except that one GLORIOUS time which I’ll share later!) – but I immediately thought, “How are we going to blow this one??” Well the 2nd and 3rd quarter ended and the unbelieveable was happening, we were beating Florida State… but there’s always a 4th Quarter. Sometime at the end of the 3rd the big Stud BC quarterback Porter got hurt and the poor I’ve-been-sitting-on-the-bench Backup QB, Matt Ryan got in the game. Talk about doing a #2 in your pants. His first throw was an interception, which eventually led to FSU gaining the lead with a quick touchdown. 21-17 – OK, we can still do this… but then there was the punt, which was blocked, and then THAT was also turned into a touchdown. 28-17. God damn you FSU.

My boyfriend who would root for practically anyone other than BC was actually upset by their loss. Apparently he despises FSU a weee bit more.

But alas perhaps that is what BC does so well, get your hopes up. I’m sure my brother would say that is typical, they start off slow, get you thinking that they’re actually pretty good, then all of a sudden: choke.

Then again, I still love my team no matter what the outcome – which I guess seperates us ‘die-hard’ fans for those who just like win…. so I’ll take the choke because in the end it builds better character.


Did you know Today was Talk Like A Pirate Day? Who makes this stuff up? AARRUGH.



I totally had a great idea on what to write about today – but like many things that I procrastinate in doing – I completely forgot what my original idea was. So now I’m stuck here writing about nothing. At the moment, I am watching the Yankees try to win one against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It seems that all season long to matter how “bad” TB is, they always manage to take it to the Yanks. As my dad would say, “You’re never as good as you are in a win or as bad as you are in a loss.”

Considering I’m tapped out in the creativity department, that’s all i got to give today.


The DMV and then some

Quite honestly I hate licences. For the longest time after my 21st birthday I have been denied from many a bar because I didn’t have sufficient “Back Up” – the bain of my exhistance was that I had a tainted licence. It was a “dup”. It pained me to see my friends try to make me feel better by saying, “don’t worry about it” but then hearing them call friends to inform them of the changed plans and giving the lothed reason, “Oh because Margaux didn’t get in.” I even had a friend almost knock the block of a bouncer because of the stupid “Back Up” outrageousness. All of which increased my anxiety each time I would walk up to that 6’1, 250 lb. dude at the door. I felt as if I was a 15 year old with her big sister’s ID.

So today i’ve finally closed the chapter on that bar waiting line anxiety. I got myself a brand spanking new NJ Licence. 8am on the nose at the DMV, and at 8:15 I was out in my Jetta ready to break that sucker in. Too bad my car wasn’t on the same page as me. All week I have been driving my mom’s huge Land Rover while my precious Jetta was in the shop having the equivalent of open heart surgery. After about a week later I finally was sitting behind the wheel when the car just decided to give way again. I love that moment of disbelief, when your mind can only way the words: “are you sh#tting me?”

Luckily for me, this wasn’t going to be an all day delay. AAA came within 15 mintues of me calling them and I was back on Rt. 3 fighting traffic in no time.

So now I’m back at my quaint little Hoboken apartment deciding how to best spend the first day of my 4 day weekend. I’m knitting a sweater for my brother (let’s hope it fits). I wanted to post pictures of my work in progress but my digital isn’t working these days. Which is why I claim I need a new one for my birthday!! (Please!) I digress. Anyway, the sweater is growing but so time consuming and it’s too nice out! These 4 days are what I call the calm before the storm. School is in Full Steam Ahead next week and there’s no stopping it… I should enjoy the peace while it lasts.


Speaking of a Storm…

I was talking briefly to my friend from college the other night. The first thing she said to me was, “what is going on in our world.” New Orleans, a once vibrant city, is now in shambles with it’s poorest citizens stranded and desperate. I cannot bare to put on the tv to see the choas that is going on downthere, but nor to I choose to ignore it. The best thing we all can do is pray and give what we can to the relief fund. If it means no happier hour for me this weekend – then so be it. Give what you can.

American Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/

Much Love,